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KBITmacsPro - A replacement for the Commence Word Merge Macro

Provides 23 additional merge functions.

£100.00(BGP) per Workgroup.

Works with Commence 4.x, 2000 & RM versions.

Additional functions include :-

Click here for a full PDF specification.

Just put the file KBitmacsPro into Word's startup folder instead of or

Current KBITmacsPro version is 19k.

An older (less functions) version 17c is available for use with Office/Word 97.
Please email for this file.

Installation and Upgrade Notes:
Versions of Commence from RM2.1a onward has caused a few problems with our KBitmacsPro traditional style macro. file can coexist with but not with If it exists remove the latter.

Then when KBitmacsPro is copied to Word's startup folder,
start commence and word.
In word use the GetFields BUTTON in the traditional 3 button toolbar.
Select a category (usually people) select a document filing path field (or temporarily any field in people) then press the 'Activate KBit Filer and KBitmacsPro' button.
This will initialise the registry settings missed by RM2.1 & newer versions.

In Commence you will now have available several applications for integrating word to cmc,
Microsoft Word 2000
Microsoft Word 2000 and KBit Filer.

In addition to the above registry fixes, Commence RM2.1 also forces the Letter Logging Detail Form to be displayed before sending the traditional DDE commands to Word. This confuses the word macro's into thinking that the letter logging record is the Principal Letter Merge Item and subsequent errors get generated. To avoid this simply include the following VB Script in the Letter Logging Detail Form.
Sub Form_OnLoad()
    MsgBox "Press the OK Button ONLY AFTER Word has completed the merge process.", vbOkOnly, "Commence Letter Logging."
End Sub