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Phil Kingsland MIET  your Business and IT Advisor.


All of our products can be downloaded and evaluated free of charge. We are confident that you will appreciate their effectiveness and will register and pay for a full product unlock PIN code.

Please click here for Evaluation Downloads

the VB Scripting editor and database structure navigator for Commence RM. more info & buy >>

the Commence Database Structure Diagramming tool. more info & buy >>

the advanced table macro for MS Word documents. more info & buy >>

Password Generator
a utility to create easily memorable passwords. more info & FREE >>

Sync View
a utility to graphically monitor the Commence 'Spool' directory. more >>

Tool a utility to automatically subtotal or provide unique counter features. more >>

Agent Presskeys
adds numerous functions to Commence Macro's (Commence 2000 and RM 2.x only). more >>

SAGE CSV Formatter
makes it easy to export files suitable for Sage to import.  more >>

Dedicated Internet Server
Super fast and easy to maintain Internet Servers. Click Here to buy  Uk2 Dedicated Servers from £49m

AVG Internet Security
    Full Anti-Virus scanning, Phishing and Malware protection   DOWNLOAD AVG'S AWARD-WINNING PROTECTION FOR FREE!  

Quick Conficker Worm Infection Test
    Click this link and examine the web page to see if your PC is infected  

TeamViewer Remote PC control
Instantly take control over a computer anywhere on the Internet, even through firewalls.
No installation required, just use it fast and secure.