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ScriptEZ - The VBScripting editor for Commence

Navigation screen  Editor screen  debug screen                             £100.00 (GBP) per workgroup.

ScriptEZ simplifies the creation, check IN and OUT of VBScripts for Commence Detail Forms.
It includes a simple text script editor with colour coded VB syntax and a very powerful Commence database structure browsing facility that can create perfect syntax script statements based on selected category and field names. The generated script statement can be inserted directly into the built in editor or pasted to any other destination you may require (Copy/Paste).

The ScriptEZ statement generator handles all of the standard Commence functions, VBScript statements and properties, API Cursor and Rowset functions, DDE conversation statements (RM and RM2.1 only) and Microsoft VB functions and Statements.

The editor has the standard cut/copy/paste functions, 'auto indent' (that can be turned on or off as required) and a standard 'find / find-replace' function.
ScriptEZ can rebuild property structure code, indenting layout.

Its major benefit is the simplicity of checking OUT/IN VBScripts and simple, clear database structure browsing to create syntax perfect statements. No more script errors due to incorrect spelling of field names or incorrect character case.

The editor supports a simple 'Time Stamping' feature to identify the version of a Script. It has a 'Copyright Stamp' that can insert any predefined string wherever required.

Scripts can be saved/loaded as text files with a file name extension of .VBS. This simplifies the transfer of a standard script from one system to another. A 'Clips' feature keep a simple library of useful 'scriptlets' for insertion into any Script under development. There are a selection of sample scripts.

Syntax checking of the script under development is as simple as a button press (not visible on the screen shots below). You do not need to wait for Commence to crash with an obscure error, ScriptEZ will tell you what the error is and put the editor's cursor at the point of error.