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Phil Kingsland MIET  your Business and IT Advisor.


KBit provides advanced consultancy, support, training and bespoke development services to users, prospective users, PC system builders and dealers of PC based IT systems.

We have extensive experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Based in Stafford we support clients throughout the World and our software utilities are used by CommenceTM developers and end users worldwide.

We have business and IT experience from managing companies at director/board level to designing hardware, software and business administration systems.

Our experience means that we can advise or produce IT systems that are...

Practical - Efficient - Effective - Justifiable

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Remote Desktop Viewer & Control is our preferred method of support. We can talk to you on the telephone or Skype, see what is on your screen and control your PC. It's as if whenever you need help we are at your side with a click of your mouse.
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