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SAGE Stock Assembly Make and Unmake utility.
Quickly make stock assembly (BOM) items and automatically increase the made item and deducting stock components used.

The program can also do the reverse and unmake a BOM item and increase component stock quantiies accordingly.

Quickly recost a product assembled from other parts.
br>View a list of stock items who's BOM includes a selected component. Easily see what stock may be affected by an issue with a component.
   App shows in Sage 'Products and service' Ribbon    
Sage Line 50 version 28 or 29. Other versions available on request. FREE to download, request a 7 day license to experience the benefit to your system and Staff time saved.
Secure dowload the SAGE v28 Stock Assembly Maker App  SAGE v29 Stock Assembly Maker App
Note: Sage line 50 MUST be running when this application is run.